Can you see my screen?


Upload your slides to the call. Each participant will see the slide you're in, not a video stream of your desktop or window, but the exact same pixel perfect slide.

Upload slides to a call
Works with:
Works with OfficeWorks with G SuiteWorks with KeynoteWorks with PDF
today´s problems

It’s time to fix presentations on calls.

Presenting your screen means presenting your notifications, mails, chats, tabs and everything else.

This not only means overkill and a privacy issue —It makes your audience see your presentation as a bunch of pixelated images, with ugly colors and stuttering videos.

Can you see my screen?

Sharing your screen is overkill and a privacy issue.

Your presentation looks terrible.

All those distractions means less impact.

Please not another installer

There’s always a wait for someone that needs to install that desktop client.

Are you making guests and clients install software to communicate with you?

Nobody wants dozens of video conferencing software installed on their computers.

meet slidecall

Create a call.
Upload slides.

Present your slides the way you meant them, without leaving the call. All participants will see the exact same, pixel perfect slide you're presenting as if they had the file themselves —Because they actually do.

Enable participants to download your slides if you want them to keep them. All of this from a single URL, without leaving the browser.

Create a call

When you create a call you will get a unique, secure URL for people to join right on their browsers.

No account, installation or setup required.

Create a call
Upload your slides

your slides

Drag and drop the slides during the call, or in advance, while creating it.

Enable other participants to upload and present.


Each participant will see the same slide as the presenter, everyone in sync in the same file, not a video stream of it.

If they need so, participants can go back to another slide on their own screen while the rest keeps in sync.


One more thing…

Get paid

Get paid as a host.

Empowering creators, trainers, tutors, teachers, entertainers and beyond. Monetize your skills. Have your audience join your paid calls or enable them to become paying subscribers.

All within Slidecall Connect, our all-in-one solution for payment channel, event publishing and content presentation platform.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security.

All of this with a strong focus on privacy.
We have a no-compromise approach to privacy and security. We cannot see, hear or read anything that happens in call. Not even if we wanted to.

All video, audio and text communications happen exclusively between participants, using state of the art, end-to-end encryption.

your calls can be better

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